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Bio - Day Day King

day day king bio
The West Coast Alliance Tour is the ultimate west coast dream tour! The tour has been the life-long dream of one individual that has lived, breathed and bled the West Coast his entire life! Day Day king is that individual. Born and raised in Southern California "Dathan Lui" AKA "Day Day king" has been through the worst that the streets of Los Angeles as well as Orange County could possibly dish out.

Hanging with the Krook City Bloods, Day Day, quickly learned the in's & out's of street life in South Cali. With family members from Los Angeles to San Diego, Day Day quickly learned first-hand the ways of being a "West Coast Gangster" By the young age of fifteen Day Day was sentenced to the Juvenile Hall Correction Center for young boys. While being incarcerated, Day Day found the art of rapping to express his anger and pain of being away and separated from the world and his joy and happiness. Day Day would go on to continue his street career as a member of the notorious Krook City Bloods getting deeper and deeper embedded into the world of gangsterism while also pursuing his life-long dream of being able to become a performing as well as recording rap artist.

At the age of twenty one, Day Day began to actually record music in a local recording studio and recorded his first underground song entitled "Ghetto Life". After hearing his first ever recorded material. He decided to focus and devote all of his attention and time toward achieving a career as a rap artist and leaving his street career to the streets.

Not only is Day Day king pursuing his career as a musician he is also an active business entrepreneur and has simultaneously put together the "West Coast Alliance Tour 08". The line up for the "West Coast Alliance tour 08" speaks of the musical influences that Day Day king has admired while coming up through life. Quote from Day Day king: You only live once! So you might as well do it right the first time.. You might as well do it big!!!