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Suga Free "LIVE" in concert with guest artist Day Day King 4-12-2012

You heard right folks..! WestCoast All-Star "Suga Free" will be performing "LIVE" at the UpsideDown Bar on Montclair, CA. on April 12th 2012. Suga Free will performing hits from his well-known albums and Day Day King will be bangin out music from his newly released album titled "The Crown". This show will be bring some serious jams right to your face..! If you like to party, have fun and enjoy the best of the west music. Then this is the show for you. Tix available call: 909-662-9091


Day Day King New Music Video Shoot (Las Vegas)

Day Day King will be in Las Vegas, NV. March 16th and 17th 2012 filming his new music video titled "On & On" featuring rap artists OYG redruM781 and Bandana Tha Ragg off the newly released album "The Crown" by Day Day King. There will be an official hotel party where the video will be shot and several loctions throughout LV.


MMA -The UNTAMED Cage On Stage - event at The Grove of Anaheim

Day Day King will be appearing at the upcoming MMA "The UNTAMED Cage On Stage" event at The Grove of Anaheim, CA. promoted by David Brock of EXTREME FIGHTERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. The event is set /scheduled for March 30th 2012. Doors open at 6pm and fights begin at 7pm. Make sure you are ready to watch a thrilling fighting event, as this baby will be off the hook y'all...!!! For tickets call 714-712-2700


Day Day King & 2nd II None, RedruM

At the video shoot...


Day Day King ft. 2nd II None video shoot 2011

This is a shot of Day Day and OYG redruM781 in front of Long Beach V.I.P. Records store at the Day Day King ft. 2nd II None music video shoot song title: "Here We Go Again"


Day Day King ft. 2nd II None video shoot 2011 at VIP

This is a shot of Day Day in front of Long Beach V.I.P. Records store in the all red Impala 64' at the Day Day King ft. 2nd II None music video shoot song title: "Here We Go Again"


A view of Day Day King's abum on the dispay shelf at V.I.P. Records in Long Beach, CA.

Here is a picture of the Day Day King album "The Crown" being sold on the dispay shelf at V.I.P. Records store located on Martin Luther King and Pacific Coast Highway in the city of Long Beach, CA. Owner Kelvin Anderson has had a long history of being involved in the retail side of the hip hop industry, helping launch many west coast rappers debut CD's on sale. Snoop Dogg's 1st music video off his "Doggy Style" album was filmed on the roof of V.I.P. Records. V.I.P. Records has been a landmark for hip hop music for decades. Day Day King's new music video featuring Boo Yaa Tribe will also feature V.I.P. Records as one of the filming locations and will debute the front cover of "The Crown" album 6 foot by 6 foot billboard hoisted up on the front side of the V.I.P. building. This is an accomplishment in the eyes of Day Day King as he remembers seing all the rap artist he grew up admiring have their album covers displayed on the V.I.P. Records building. To Day Day King, it is truly a life long admiration being lived out at a minimum...


T&T Booking Agency Offers Day Day King a Booking contract

Friday, August 5th 2011 CEO of T&T Booking and Management Agency offered to be the exclusive world-wide booking agency for Day Day King. DDK camp has excepted the offer and are moving forward with contractual agreements to seal the deal. T&T Booking Agency is a successfull artist/tour agency that has been in the music industry for more the 30 years and has many acomplishments under their company belt. It is a very big opportunity for both parties to work together..! Per a quote by CEO "Tony Saldona" of T&T Booking Agency, they will begin booking DDK on several concert dates and beging prospecting for a possible spot on an existing tour..! Good things/news for Day Day King...!


The Watts Towers of California..!

This is a photo that was taken by Day Day King while cruising through Watts, Ca. DDK stopped off at the Watts Towers site to view and photograph what he considers to be a historical monument of american history..! The Watts Towers project bagan being built in 1921 by a native of Italy relocated to Los Angeles in 1895 named Simon Rodia. The Watts Towers were completed in 1955. It was Simon Rodia's life long dream to build something big in stature and of sentimental value to himself and his community. Simon Rodia built the structure first naming it "Nuestro Pueblo" meaning "Our Town") So, in essence the Watts Towers were always meant to be a symbol of friendship and togetherness. Now having some background knowledge on the monument, it's understandabe why the local residents and community of Watts, California faught City Hall so hard to keep her standing...! Up you're Southern Cali history game "G"..!


California: City of Westminster's 2nd Annual Low Rider Car Show Event 2011

Day Day King attended Westminster's 2nd Annual Low Rider Car Show is the city of Westminster, Ca on June 29th 2011... The car show had over 300 low rider cars from all over Southern Caifornia. Low riders from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego attended the event to show off their creative styles and low rider swagger! Day Day King was asked to perform at the event along with a few additional up and coming rap/hip hop artist. As seen here in this photo, DDK is representing throwing up the westcoast signature hand sign next to a candy apple green 1963 Cheverle Impala..! This event was promted by the low rider car club "Klique" Trophy awards, prizes and gifts were handed out to those who's low rider cars stood out amongst the rest. Also in attendence were Day Day King fans and supporters..!


Music producer for "The Crown" August 2011

Slick Million Dollar Beatz is what he goes by, but in earlier years he went by his artist name "Slick". Slick has dropped several musical rap albums on independent record lable First Kutt Records owned and operated by Morey Alexander, and has paid his dues as a musical rap artist. These days Slick has been focusing more on the music production side of the music business and has been producing several different artists. Currently Slick resides in Atlanta GA. where a considerable amount of rap/hip hop music has been emerging. As a music producer Slick has taken on the role of using his creative artistry and turned it into creative sounds for the ear. His latest music venture has landed him working directly with rap/hip hop artist Day Day King on Day Day King's newly released debute album titled "The Crown". Keep a look out for the name "Slick" in music production. This guy is going places..!


Today August 1st 2011 is the official release date of

Today Day Day King's album "The Crown" has officialy been released online World-Wide..! CD Baby, iTunes and many more online locations and sites...! Get your copy today..!!! Also, additional locations are V.I.P. Records store of Long Beach, V.I.P. Records store Compton. Compton and Long beach indoor swap meets..! more locations TBA..!


X-GAMES in Los Angeles, Ca. !!!

Day Day King was present in attendance at this years 2011 L.A. X-Games event in downtown Los Ageles...!


The Crown is being pressed

Day Day King's New release, The Crown is currently being pressed and will be on sale soon!


The Crown

New CD Release coming very soon!